Bucket Rat Trap

The bucket rat trap catches many rats in a single trap and does not need to be reset between rat. Its also simple to make that you probably already have all the parts needed lying around your garage.

Below are some of the different types of bucket rat traps:


The trap works when a rat at the top of the ramp tries to jump onto the tin can to eat the bait. The rat's weight throws the can into motion, which bucks the rat off into the bucket. Though some bucket rat trappers use antifreeze in their pails. It helps preserve the rat, preventing them from rotting and creating a huge odor problem. This might be necessary if you are trapping rat in a vacation cabin or bug out shelter, which you wont visit for months at a time. It will also make sure the liquid does not freeze in an unheated building.

List of items needed

1. 5 Gallon Bucket

2. Dowel metal is best but wood will work (try a metal clothes hanger)

3. Tin can (pop can works fine)

4. Peanut butter

5. Scrap of wood for ramp


1. Drill holes at the top of the bucket, on 2 opposite sides

2. Drill holes in the middle of each flat side of a soda can

3. Insert a dowel through the bucket holes and the soda can holes, to end up with a unit that looks like the image.

4. Bait with peanut butter and add a ramp for the rat to get up.

5. Fill the bottom few inches with water if you plan to kill the rat, or leave it if you want to release them somewhere or feed them live to snakes!

6. Leave the trap overnight and hopefully catch that critter. You may need to run your operation a few nights till the critters get use to the new item in the area.

7. Check it every day and remove any captured animals. Bear in mind they will drown in the water as they will get tired of swimming.


This is a domestic rat trap made from a ladle and a spoon. It is known as one of the best homemade traps. For a good result, you only require a huge bucket, a spoon and some bait such as peanut butter. By the way, you can make a peanut butter for rat bait yourself in less than 15 minutes. Just take peeled peanuts, roast them, add a tablespoon of vegetable oil and put this mix in a blender done!

Spread butter on the handle of a spoon and put it across the bucket. When the rat climbs to get peanut butter, it will fall into the bucket with a spoon. If you do not like the idea that the rat would ruin cutlery, you can make a similar trap with any other materials, such as paper plate, tissue paper roll, etc or make bucket & spoon trap with water in the bucket.

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