Do Mothballs or Ammonia Help Repel Rodents?

It is understandable when it comes to the removal of rodents from our house because of the numerous dangers that are associated with their presence in our homes. The major concern that rodents presence poses in houses is the number of deadly diseases that are likely to spread because of their presence. If someone is of the opinion that rodents will leave house automatically, there are mislead because these animals only invade a house to find a proper food source. Otherwise, there is no reason that they invade houses. 

Why do they invade houses?

The food source which is easily available in the form of garbage cans, pet food, the vegetables, and fruits appeal to these rodents as they dont have to struggle a lot to find their meal. However, their presence can lead to many deadly diseases which can claim human lives as well. These diseases include bubonic plague, leptospirosis and many other diseases which are contagious. If you think there is no danger in keeping rodents at home, you are making a big mistake, and you should take effective measures in time to make sure that they leave your house as soon as possible. 

Does ammonia help?

Ammonia does not help in repelling these rodents away. There are no repellents that can help to remove the rodents at all. You can never coerce the rats to leave the place they have called home in your house by using some chemical or pungent ammonia smell. They are there to find their food source, and they are always suspicious of their surroundings and keep a close eye around while doing their business. If they feel secure, then they start making a living in some corner of your house which is least disturbed, and we can expect them to leave their haven only because of the pungent smell.  

The major component of ammonia is naphthalene which creates the pungent smell and is a key ingredient in most of the repellents found in the markets. Even those repellents cannot work on these rodents because rats are immune to them. Why they are immune because their urine and other droppings contain the smell of ammonia and they do their waste in the same place and never leave. Therefore, placing mothballs is not effective at all. Also, placing mothballs is not healthy for the environment as well because ammonia may be ineffective for rats but it can affect your health as well. 

What other techniques can be applied?

If you have rats problem in your house, the most effective to use snap trap and leave it open far away from your house. However, if you feel that you cannot do it yourself, then seek help from a professional.

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